April 23, 2014

Strong & Happy

She needed to be strong if she wants to bring happiness into someone's life, she realized that

April 11, 2014

EXO Makes The Fan Overdose On Their Brand New Trailer

It is not a fatal fantasy. It is in front of you, guys.

The full length MV will be released on the exact same day as their come back show in Jamsil.
Get ready

April 09, 2014


I came to hospital today and i still felt stiff. No one was seriously ill. It was just my dad having a silly accident. Still, I had to be there for hours, waiting. I hated the strange smell of medication. it burnt my nose. oh and the cold. yeah especially the cold. It made that memory come rushing like a bull. like a big wave wanted to drown my sanity.

I loathed to come there, to hospital

April 02, 2014

EXO to Promote As Separate Unit

So much information to tell. I don't think I can hold it in my own head. I just got to share it here.

It's been all over the net. I mean the comeback news. Every fangirl knows that they are going to come back on April 15th in Jamsil. and the show itself will be broadcasted live via Samsung Music.

The boys will be promoting as twelve for one to two weeks and for the following activity they will promote separately. EXO-K in Korean and EXO-M in China. Okay...why do i write the obvious

For me it's kinda sad to see them divided into two. I'm used to watching them as a whole, as one. But they name them EXO-K and EXO-M not for nothing. That's the main purpose afterall, to promote either in Korea and China.

Well, till the next post!