February 25, 2012

New Obsession

Anyeong hasyeoo..*ups hey everyone, I can't believe I just greet you in Korean. I know Korean wasn't my style back then but after while ago a sudden change have happened. To be quiet honest, beside Listening to the music, I've been watching Korean Drama which was not a programm I enjoyed to watch back then but I've been changing :)

After the Dream High incident (I thought Dream High was one of my sister's assignment but it turned to be my favorite korean drama), I've found something interesting in the same external hard disk--well I guess I could just blame everything on her--and it was Running Men.

At the first glance, I thought it was a game but when I clicked the file, it wasn't a game. It was a file full of episode. I've watched bunch of episodes eversince. Running Men is a variety show that can make you laugh to death. The combination of the casts is the main reason. Their contrast  character works well. There's a Mr.Know It All-Jae Suk, Mr.Not-So-Lucky-Kwang su, The only girl in Running Men, Ms.Monday Girlfriend-Ji Hyo, The Rapper who doesn't look like a rapper, Mr. Monday Boyfriend- Kang Gary, Mr. Sparta-Joong Kook, Mr. Suk Jin, Mr. Childish Haha and it seems that I've became obsess with one of the cast. Kang Gary.

When I become obsess, I like to browse their news *hehe. I've found his awful past and Gary seems to be so relateable to me. He had had a broken-heart and straight wrote it into words. It is just like what I've been doing. Before I wrote this post, I've been listening to one of Gary's song. The lyric is so awesomely sad. I never thought that the peaceful Gary could be that phoetic. The words described his hurt feeling so well.

I wish my unfortunate past could be as good as Gary's. Rather than cry over my past, maybe I can just write them down and turn them into a phoetic sentence. I shall try...yes I shall.

A Piece of Lyric

Life is...
Repetitions of ups and downs
Repetitions of joy and sadness
Repetitions of love and separation

(LeeSsang, Reminiscence)