February 28, 2013

My First Confession

are you gonna believe in me if I told you that I feel something for you?
Feb 26th 2013, 15:30 p.m

The weight had been lifted up from my shoulder eventually. No ore burden I had to hold cause it had been said~


February 23, 2013

Lilin Tanpa Api

Kamu yang di sana tidak akan tahu
Jauh di balik semua ini ada rindu
Yang manis tapi terbelenggu
Terkurung ragu diikat malu

Aku, insan yang selalu menunggu
Penyimpan rindu
yang memekakkan
Meski rapi tersimpan
daku tak pernah enggan

Walau dirimu surya, aku rembulan
disitulah rindu hanya kata tanpa tuan
Karena sesungguhnya rembulan tak berlengan
Maka rindu sekedar kata tanpa tuan
Kita tidak bisa dipertemukan
bahkan disatukan

Kau tidak tahu meski semesta hiruk
bulan terpaku sepi
Meski gugusan bintang menemani
Begitulah diriku ketika rindu
Bagai lilin tanpa api

Are You The Light?

You. Yes, You.
I thought you were gonna be the light at the end of my tunnel but why the journey takes time, like long time to get to the end?
While the patient, the will to wait is running out like hell. The more I wait, The more lonesome I get.

They told me to try, indeed I've tried yet I feel like, this thing is going nowhere but around and around with no results, no reactions, only me who's trying.

So...up until now I don't know what I should I do when honestly I think you are the only thing I could hope for, the only light I wish I could see at the end of my tunnel.

February 14, 2013

Feb 14 :)

February 14th this year wasn't that bad.
Today I got two bars of chocolate, two bars, everyone. Two bars was enough to ruin my diet with the love and affection from the chocolate they gave me. the white one was from one of the girls who previously planned to have choco-switch, ermm i don't know how to name it in english but the point is everyone get chocolate from others. Also, friend from jakarta sent me a picture, a sweet one and it was the highlite of the day. Those things are proof that val day is not always about couple or lovers; friends, mates can also give chocolate to others.

You made my day, mates. Thank you for the love and the affection. May love always surrounds us in anyday, anytime.