January 31, 2012

January 28, 2012

Amazing Cover

Hey, have you heard about adele?
The big but beautiful brit singer? She's on her recovery now. You know, she's had a surgery for her throat.
But she's fine now and lost some weights. I don't wanna talk about her health now but Im gonna talk about the responds of her work.

Everyone love her songs and some of them do cover. Of course not all of them as good as adele's. After I did some exploring in youtube. I've found some of the greatest cover of Adele's song.

Let's see

This one was done by the multi talented guy from England. You heard Dynamite? And can you believe that the same guy did this cover? I couldn't believe either at the first time. In this song he changed the piano so he could sing it perfectly without changing anything, including the word 'she' that made the song sound weird but I still love it. Good work, nigga B)

And this one was done by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park at their iTunes London Festival in 2011. Someone in youtube said, "Chester, the guy who sings like a angel and sreams like a devil." and I can't agree more. In their album, I guess chester often screams instead of singing like this one. So unbelieveable.

OneRepublic did dramatically cover Turning Tables. I like this cover because they put their awesome instrument, cello and it increased quality of the song. The song was sung perfectly by Ryan because he is the writer of the song. So amazing it makes me speechless and having goosebumps. Unfortunaely they never recorded it even though this cover is super duper incredible.

January 25, 2012

January 24, 2012

First hit that I should remember

The Rhyme

That first time when you said hello
I flew so high without scare of being low
But it was six months ago
I never thought that you’d go
Leave me alone with your shadow
I wanna know the reason, I wanna know
Now you’re gone and Im haunted
By the fact that you’re all that I wanted

January 20, 2012

Face the Ugliest Truth

Now face it! Face the ugly truth. Accept everything even though they didn't happen as you wish them to. Don't you just let yourself live in the prettiest lies.
Now do this things :

  1. Wipe those tears
  2. Get your self back together
  3. Stiffin up
  4. Hold your face high
  5. Face the truth and grow up

January 19, 2012

Cold Bitter Wind

It is the cold bitter wind that
blows the scent of his skin.
It is the cold bitter wind that
brings the memories in.

January 14, 2012


I know people change and this thing happens.
 I think people and weather have something in common. Either people or weather, they both change.The person you trust the most suddenly change into totally different guy. But it's strange if it happens in just two weeks. I have no idea what is going on with them. It is so unusual they've been acting cold after the holiday and it is just uncomfortable. I’ve wanted to confront but I didn’t know what to say. That would cause danger.

I write this because I dont want our friendship just burst into a read-only-memories. I dont wanna be haunted by our laugh. They are all too priceless. Where can I buy that moment even if I had a lot of money? Situation rises—I know—but they usually tell me or tell one of us what is with them.

The saddest part is they been friend with someone whom they said they don’t have any common with them. It made them lookalike a hypocrite jerk and they abandoned us as friends who have been there all along when they need us. Promises, sentences; are becoming lies. I feel upset, I feel sad, and I feel pity for our friendship.
I can’t find the answer for my own question. Is there something wrong with me that make them withdraw? Their ice is just too cold. I’m afraid if those beautiful memories are just the memories. I really want them to go back like the first semester of our grade.

Please, go back L

January 07, 2012


It's rude not to greet the new year. 2011 is done and it's 2012 now. Let's just hope for the best , okay?