November 19, 2013

Ready To Love?

P.S :

 To love is to fall. To fall is to be hurt.
 So, are you ready?


oh been awhile since the last time i wrote.
I just wanted to update about my oh-not-so-nteresting life.
Someone has been building his bridge to reach me. I should be glad and I was, I mean for the first couple weeks, I was happy to realize that finally someone is still taking notice on me.
But sadly I've reached the stage where i'm sick of love.

Sick of trying. Sick of falling. Im just sick of the whole idea of it.

Yet on the other hand, half of me still want to try. I guess im just afraid that if he ask me out, and we get together, in the end it wouldn't work just like the old times and i will end up crushed for the nth time.

So yeah that's my status quo.