December 31, 2013


i'm afraid i'll be the book no one reads,
music that no one listen to anymore.
i'm afraid i'll be abandoned like a movie playing in an empty theater


December 24, 2013

Spark On A Wet Log

My best friend told me that I shouldn't take a relationship too seriously regarding my predicament. "Just feel the spark. Don't let it burn you," She said. Then a question popped up in my head,

How there would be a spark if you ignite the fire on a wet log?

December 08, 2013

Look Good Together

" guys look good together." doesn't mean you can really end up together in real life.

Just Get Married

Jaesuk : "You two are acting like Newlyweds."
Jihyo : "Some elder just told us to get married." 

Not only some elder you've met, eonnie. Even the whole world want you guys to get married.

December 04, 2013

Give Up

I wish I was living the life like one of those in fan fictions. Where there was someone telling him not to give up on me. I bet it could have been different.

But I live in reality where he put his hands up, not to celebrate our reunion but to give up on me, on us.

December 03, 2013

Kang Gary Cheated On Monday Couple

Okay the title is kinda exaggerating lol. He is not literally cheating because there is no monday couple in real time, right? So he's not considered as cheating. He just kissed a fangirl while they were playing pepero game in the middle of Leessang's first Asia show case in Singapore (11/30). I bet he didnt even have the intention to make the entire female fan envy that one lucky girl that night. I think, his Leessang's partner, Gil had something to do with this accident and heck yes. He shoved Gary's head a little and caused him to plant a kiss to the that one lucky woman.

Well Monday Couple almost kissed as well when they played the same game during the Running Man episode with Uee. The netizen even said that their upper lips touched, that considered as kissing too, right? lol
 Experience the undesireable of jealousy^^

Can't I Love Again?

I used to love so much to the point I could almost forget the pain he always gave.
I used to love so much up until this heart is resistant to the ignorance he used to have.
I used to love him, so much, up until I did not want to move on and feeling happy just to keep him in my heart alive.
As stupid as it is, I used to love him so much to the point I did not want him to come back because I would always let him in back again.
I used to love so much until now I just realized, I have no more love to give.
I surprise myself by finding out that I really quit falling in love.

Hey, God, can’t I love again?