July 27, 2012

Dark Side : Can You Love Mine?

"To me the song is about someone sufferring with a personality disorder. They show the person they love a mask, believing that is what you want to love.
Instead borderlines have such insecurities, they feel they aren't worthy of love, so 'they try to push you out' to see if you love them.
They feel if they drop their mask, you won't like what you see. 
The stupidity of the situation is that if they didn't act in the way they did, you'd stay with them forever.
It is so hard for them to face their problems, probably 20 times harder than stopping smoking, they don't show people 'the place they know' because they believe 'it's not pretty there' and no-one can therefore help.
Daft thing is, it's probably the opposite. Unless you've been in a relationship with a borderline, you've no idea of the problems and if they'd only be themselves!
Any one feeling they relate to these lyrics, please get help, whether you are the borderline or their partner. Too many lives are wrecked by ignorance to this 'illness'."

 Holly cow. This man knows me through the song -_-

The Proverb

You never miss the water till the well goes dry
They are just words but they teach me that you never know what things mean to you untill they are gone

I guess it's shame on me.

July 26, 2012

The Very Last Word

okay I know the title is little bit too much but it would be the very last if you really despite me.

Hey, you, yeah, you !
The one who I've been walked in and out to.
I know it's hard on you
But it's hard on me too
May I have your attention?
To tell something that never been mentioned.

I will use Indonesan instead of english. Oh well yeah maybe I can use both :)

Aku tahu akhir-akhir ini aku terlalu banyak naruh beban di kamu.
Walking in and out that easily from your life. Bener-bener jahat tapi sebenernya aku punya alasan khusus.

Setelah aku nyuruh kamu dengerin lagunya Drake, kamu kan malah desperately said "kalo mau jalan, ya, ayo." Waktu itu aku bener-bener bingung harus ngapain.. So my decision was to say no to you and that decision makes me look like and arrogant bahkan mungkin kelihatan seperti aku sudah oke. Tapi bukan karena itu, ada masalah di rumah yang menguras pikiran. Kepalaku nggak sesimpel itu buat bilang 'iya'. Jadi aku nggak mau memutuskan gitu aja dengan kepala yang rumit.
And about the day when I didnt reply your text. It wasn't because I want to ignore you tapi memang karena aku nggak ada pulsa.

So yeah here is the end. I can't believe this is my first time I'm revealing the truth-no-I mean my true feeling. I'm not good at speaking directly so that's the reason why this is made. This post has no particular reason to be made. I just want to make anything clear and straight.
I do wish for you to be happy and healthy.
Please live happily