June 28, 2012

David's Quote

when you see your crush with another person, you can feel the pain in the heart, and you can feel the heart start to fall off, melted and crumble at the same time

You sure you've moved on?

91225: It's About Moving On:      Gue tau, banyak dari kalian yang susah banget buat move on dari seseorang yang sudah membekas di hati. Entah move on karena putus,...

June 23, 2012

Never was a cloudy day

When time drags you and it's already been a year ago that my life was never cloudy days.
We met in the middle of June 12 months ago when you and I were total stranger. The only way I could communicate with you was through my eyes. We shared stare that didn't mean anything at the very first time but when you spit words , the rock of my heart collapsed.
The following months, under your spell, I follow your game and it was amazing that actually everyone rather choose to believe what's on the outside and that's how I'd been enjoying times with you.
Your words, your acts, spread lies all over me. I wouldn't know what's in your thought that time. Because your presence didn't even give me chance to think and that's how I fell deeper.
But one day dispel the words you'd spoke to me. You showed me the truth in the cruelest way that all that we'd been through was nothing but role play for fun and I was awarded by him only as 'a friend' even after his lips landed on my forehead.
And what a fool, I still think that his leaving was a doom for me when everyone thinks that his presence is not good for me.
But still...it has been cloudy days since last September passed.

June 14, 2012

Unplugged : The Awesome Piece For 10 Years Hardwork

On May 25th, the 8th full length album was released. The work of these past three years has been released along with the MV for the title track 'Someday'. A week from the release date, they had pre released two others song from the album. The track 'My Love' was pre released a week after the MV for the title track 'Hard To Be Humble'  This album was created in celebration of their 10 years hardwork in music industry.

Their title track “Someday” marks the duo’s first rock ballad. With the teaser video featuring Yoon Do Hyun already having been released, anticipation has been rising for the full version.

And On May 28th, they released another MV for the track 'The Pursuit of Happiness'. 

Having released their album, Leessang will be launching ‘Leesang Theater Season 2‘ at the Olympic Hall on July 14th and 15th.

Check out the videos for Hard To Be Humble, Someday, and also The Pursuit of Happiness !


i'm fine with zero...at least it means zero heartbreak and zero hope