September 14, 2013

Tiny Space

the difference between girl friend and girlfriend is that little tiny space they call the friend zone
Well it seems that tiny space is where I am now.

Running Man Practicing Idol's Dance

it's been ages, guys since I posted about Running Man. Well blame my routine. It's taken a lot of my time to study and bla bla bla and I dont get the time to watch Running Man as often as I used to. But I just watched the latest episode, 162 and it's suoer funny especially the opening part when they got to dance the idol's choreography.
I was excited enough to know that bunch of Idol was about to come out on Running Man, such as Beast, Infinite, MBLAQ, 2pm, sistar, apink, girl's day and so on. Please correct if I forget to mention another band. I loved when Gary was trying to dance Apink's no no no. His move, his hips even was sooo aww i dont even know how to put it to words lol. He was so immersed and so sync to the two girls from Apink, naeun and eunji. The second best was jong kook with sistar. Tho he danced a feminin sexy dance but he danced well and caused everyone embarassment.
There's a reason why they could dance as well as the idol and take a look at this video. Enjoy!^^

September 07, 2013

Coldplay For The Hunger Games : Catching Fire's Soundtrack

Shout if you're excited for the movie! Jump like a looney if you're excited for coldplay's comeback!
Haha so I guess i have to jump and shout because i'm excited for both of them, not only for the movie but also for the song. I mean it's coldplay! it's been a long time since they released Mylo Xyloto and now they're back with this single called Atlas. Written by coldplay itself for the movie that would be release on November 22nd this year and that is a long time to wait.

Folks on youtube are also as excited as i am. Some is excited because it's colpayd and the others are excited because it's coldplay for catching fire. Haha so let's jump to conclusion that everyone is still excited for coldplay. There's someone said that this song sounded like a mixture of the old coldplay and the Mylo Xyloto Coldplay. Though it sounds like a mixture, there was also a comment that this song gave them chill. I haven't lisened to it on repeat because i cant find the free download link yet so here i am, just raping the replay button on their vevo youtube channel :)

I'll carry your world

Here it is guys, Atlas by Coldplay for The Hunger Games : Catching Fire.