March 27, 2013

I Like This S#*!

"Now that I'm already an adult, I have realized that things end for a reason... Sure, the letting go of the things you have been attached to throughout every experience might take some time and might not be that easy, but what you can do to ease it up is hope for the best... At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason."

March 25, 2013


Remember when Edward Cullen answered bella's question?

How long have you been seventeen?
Then he said, "awhile"

On the other side, I wish I could be seventeen twice, if I knew it'd be this great but unfortunately i'm only human, not vampire or werewolf. So yeah I'll try my best to enjoy, cherish of being 17.

Before this, The only birthday wish I could ask for is to have time machine so I could go back back in time where I could change all of my choices but if I had chosen differently, I wouldn't have met this amazing people.

So 17, will be the start of something new. The start of me who will be more thankful, thoughtful, cheerful. Thank you God for giving me the chance to experience this amazing numbers of my age. Thank you very much

March 21, 2013

March 21st

one of those days, happy days.
when my age turned to 17 and I had it on holiday, on a trip to Bromo Mountain.

Thanks for the surprise the wishes, the surprise and the trip

March 09, 2013

Love Brighten Dimmed-Light

People who have had those lights dimmed inside them, when they fall in love they get brighter.
-Teresa  Palmer

Hari ini dadaku bergetar
Terguncang memilu dan mengerang
Ku yakin ku tak salah
Karna hatiku tak pernah dan takkan berdusta

Cinta cinta cinta
Aku jatuh cinta

Esoknya ku pikir rasa itu
Akan menghilang dengan seiring waktu
Namun ternyata tak berubah
Aku makin tergiur pada dirimu

Cinta cinta cinta
Aku jatuh cinta

Dan seterusnya rasa ini selalu terjadi
Dan tak pernah berkurang
Hatiku hanya untuk dirimu
Aku bahagia hanya bila kamu bahagia

Esoknya ku pikir rasa itu
Akan menghilang dng seiring waktu
Namun ternyata tak berubah
Aku makin tergiur pada dirimu

March 03, 2013

Not Dominos But Clapping Hands

I don't want a love that is like domino.
When I fall for you, you fall for someone else.
I want it like clapping hands.
When I wanna be closer to you, you want it too.