March 20, 2012

He Said it ! He Said it !

Ha Dong Hoon, one of the Running Man cast has said "Happy Birthday" to me even though it's still March 20. I wrote :
  @Quanninomarley 3 21 생일이에요 나를 위해 생일축하한다고 말해주세요 그건 이제까지 선물중 최고가 될것 같거든요 감사합니다
Translated : on March 21 please, say "Happy Birthday" to me. Because it will be the best present ever. Thank You. 
And he granted my wish, he said Happy Birhday in Hangul . I'm so glad he spent some time to reply his fan's mention and mine was one of them. However I first asked Kang Gary to say "Happy Birthday" but apparently he is busy and maybe his timeline is flooded by other mentions so he hasn't replied mine yet. I hope he would say it too x)

March 18, 2012

It Doesn't Mean That I Want Him Back

It’s been awhile since I wrote about him. Does it mean that I have moved on to the stage where I don’t even care about him anymore? Have I moved on for real? But if I had, then why do I still flinch at his name? When I glance at him, why do I hope that he might glance at me at several times too? Then if I had forgotten about the feeling, why do I feel upset when he talks to my friend instead of me? Has he completely erased me from his memories? When we bumped to each other, you just went on without saying you were sorry. Does that mean that I’m no longer visible to his eyes anymore? Then, crap, I’m too pathetic to hope that you might still care about me. What hurts me the most is when thinking of probability that you have even forgotten about my name. Because it seems that only my name is the one which will never be coming out of your mouth.

March 12, 2012

Found it !

I happen to know that I have two blog :))))

New Album

It seems that 2012 has been the most productive year. One of my favorite band has been doing their new album. I haven't figured out when it will come out :)

16 Wishes

In one week another year will pass and I'll be growing up. I don't want to be older because old doesn't mean you'll act or think like a grown up but still, like what Hayley Williams has said that growing up is hard to do. But growing up doesn't stop you to dreaming or wishing and besides when it comes about birthday, wishes are allowed.
  1. Be skinnier (it's probably the corniest wish ever but every girl has been dreaming about this)
  2. Be more fashionable
  3. Be more confident (If I had it, I wouldn't need to wish for the two above)
  4. I always want a posh gadget
  5. A colorful runner shoes (since Im on a programm, I need a good supporting shoes)
  6. A cute backpack
  7. I know it's random but I need that 'someone special'
  8. I want a day when everyone would listen to my story
  9. Become a bright brain at Mathematics and Physics
  10. A wardrobe full of outfit that I'll always want to buy
  11. Gain strength over my weakness
  12. Smile sincerely
  13. Live without complaining
  14. Healthier
  15. Succesful
  16. Happy

March 04, 2012

Slightly Change

Something is actually not strange
Just like the weather, they change
And somehow I change.

Once I dislike the word 'change'
but eventually I slightly do change
Question floats in the river of mind
Wander for an answer

That answer.
Why do I change?
What do I change into?
When will I stop changing?
Is it contemporary or permanently?

The Other Side of Korean Music Industry : LeeSsang

This is Why I Like Him : Kang Garie's new year messages for all the young people.

“When I go on my Twitter, there are so many people who are preparing to find jobs, and high school students preparing for college. I’m concerned for all of them. They say that the suffering you endure when you are younger is a way for you to pay your dues early and make room for better things in the future. Keep at it until you are calloused and bruised. Although you may be hurt and bleeding now, a better day will come. Hard work will never betray you. I hope everyone will be uplifted and encouraged!” 


Formed in 2002, Leessang (Hangul리쌍; stylized as LeeSsang) is a South Korean Hip-hop duo, composed of Kang Hee-gun ("Garie") and Gil Seong-joon ("Gil"). First, I don’t know that much about this awesome duo. I have only known Kang Garie from the urban variety show Running Man. Maybe some of their song has been played as the background music which I have barely known the title. They have released seven album in total and the latest album named AsuRa BalBalTa has reached the successful breakthrough after their two years hiatus.

There are particular reason why I’ve been listening to them. Beside of Garie’s personality that I’ve seen on running man, the lyrics of their song are mostly emotional and so honest. They try to show the other side of them, the emotional and poetic man behind all of the witty and quirky behavior.

Entertainment programs display our personalities, but later when we write lyrics to our music, people probably think, ‘Hmm, I never expected this from him’. But instead of catering to those kinds of people, I think it’s only right that we write the kind of music we want to write, as musicians. After being a member of society for 15 years and as I grow older, I don’t want to cover anything up. Instead of telling beautiful and sugar-coated stories, I want to reveal what’s true and emotional through our music.”

One day when I was browsing the internet, to find something about Leessang, I found something extraordinary. That few of their hits were written by Garie and originally based on his lovelife. Leessang released I’m Not Laughing when gary and his beau broke up for the first time. but they got back together. after a while, they decided that maybe they’re not meant to be, then he wrote Ballerino -but of course, as you all have guessed, they got back together again. 

This push and pull had gotten Garie inspired to write one of LeeSsang’s hit, The Girl Who Cant Break Up, The Boy Who Cant Leave and they stayed together for a while.  But in the end, things hadn’t got any better and this time they chose to go separate way. He never said clearly what was the reason and straight, wrote it down into a song titled You’re The Answer To A Guy Like Me

The fact that slightly wrecked my heart is those songs were came from a relationship with just one-the same-girl ! I wonder how would she feel about it. And when asked where the girl is now, he simply smiled and said, “she’s married now.”

One word, everyone ! WOW *amazed*