May 15, 2014

The Brightest Star In Galaxy, Don't Leave

I'm sorry I cant even find words to say. This week has been the most devastating for me and about Kris seemingly leaving the boys is doing nothing right for me. Not to mention this is the first time i  become a die hard fan and this is not what I expected. Kris is my ultimate bias. No, no scratch that, He's my escape from the reality I'm living yet he said he is not happy with the state he's in.

I'm torn between rooting for his final decision (because that way he can have his freedom) and begging for him to stay so I can still have my way to escape this awful reality but that way he wont be happy and that sounds so selfish. So i dont know what to do. Im in the verge of losing the one and only escape.

I'm in a starless galaxy and the darkness is closing in

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